Company Profile

Tianjin Solinc Industrial Co.Ltd. is the members of the Bangzhuo Group. The Bangzhuo Group is adiversified provider of steel products, construction materials, based chemicals andspecialized chemical products and
services used in the construction, mining,agriculture and chemicals sectors.

The team in Solinc has been in fertilizer business for more than 15 years. Ouroperations in the whole Group extend across China and all over the world. Solinc
differentiates itself from commodity fertilizer providers by adding value at every
stage of the supply with professional service and market intelligence.

Our comprehensive range of commodity fertilizers includes, but is not limited toSulphate salt ,Nitrate salt such as Magnesium Sulphate,
Potassium Sulphate andZinc Sulphate, as well as Calcium Nitrate Granular, Potassium Nitrate,Magnesium
Nitrate, TMAP, UP, and many other products. Solinc has established strategic

partnership with key products factories in China to ensure competitive prices and
secure availability for long term customers and markets.
Solinc has extensive experience and an intimate knowledge of production processesemployed in the fertilizers&chemicals industry, which allows for an invaluable
service and assistance to be offered to customers improving their process. Integral

to Solinc’s growth strategy, is a commitment to establishing preferred partnerships
with key customers, thereby allowing opportunities to identify and optimise certain
aspects of production processes and improve overall profitability.
After sustained development in the past years, our products have been wellrecognized by customers from Asia, Africa, Americas, Europe and Oceania,
totalmore than 25 countries and regions. Solinc has established long term, stablebusiness relationships with many well-known enterprises due to our trustworthyquality and services.