About Us

The owner of Solinc has 15 years of export experience in trace elements, fertilizers, feed additives and chemical products. SOLINC is born in our business ideal “Solidarity Cooperation “.

SOLINC’s principal strength is in cultivating and managing complex supply chains for international trading.

By developing double win cooperation with qualified producers, suppliers, shipping company, ports & banks, we are able to create and consolidate our reliable supply chains. And the company’s modern management and result-oriented work facilitate a highly efficient operation.

With the effort of our dedicated team of dynamic and seasoned

professionals, in past years, SOLINC won the trust of our clients and achieved a rapid growth & market expansion together with our partners, being acknowledged as a firm and trusty business friend.

SOLINC’s mission is to deliver products, services and solutions of the highest quality, to achieve progress in our career and to promote solidarity partnership.